Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm going to be featured in a Book!

Hello my dear readers,

Many of you may have noticed I often seem to drop of the face of the planet, nowhere to be seen, just the occasional random appearance and quick blog... I do have a habit of randomly disappearing and have done since probably longer than you can even remember... unless you just met me of course, you will just have to use your imagination there. Anyway, "you've just been busy Jen" I hear you say and yes, that's very true as I've been extremely busy and I'll share more about that later (my next blog - it's all very exciting at the moment!)... but maybe it's just one of those crazy little things that makes me, me. I have to go and recharge and process my often overly intense creative thoughts and give my brain a rest, you know that habit of me getting very excited and cramming my life full of ideas, projects, thoughts, friends and... stuff... so I'm fit to explode...?

Teach Yourself AstrologyUnderstanding ourselves and our eccentricities is part of the exhilarating journey of life and I have long been exploring astrology to gain an insight of who I am. My friend (and published author) Lisa Tenzin-Dolma has helped me to deepen my understanding by interpreting my Natal Chart in her fantastic new book, Teach Yourself Astrology.

If you are curious of what makes me tick, what motivates me, where my potential lies and are curious to know me in a deeper cosmic sense, your curiosity can be given some possible answers through the interpretation of my chart in this book. It's actually quite astonishing the information you can find. What kind of work you are suited to, what kind of man (that was very interesting! hehehehe) and it can even show your potential for success. Thankfully, the celestial forces haven blessed me with a Venus trine MC and a Jupiter sextile MC, which means great things for my career! WooHoo! :D

Lisa Tenzin-DolmaAnyway, I was absolutely delighted and flattered when Lisa asked if she could use my chart to demonstrate interpretations as a part of Teach Yourself Astrology. I am wondering if it was a particularly nice alignment of the planets that helped it along, or the fact that I had been delving deeply into my own chart looking for answers to help with my healing and life journey. I had been stuck on this little icon which looked like a key sat up in Aries in my eleventh house. It was quite strongly aspected with my Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus and I wanted to unlock its secrets. I couldn't find much in my astrology books so I called my friend Lisa. I always call Lisa in these situations as she has a wondrous abundance of knowledge, and as usual she came through with flying colours and opened up a whole new meaning to my chart and a deeper understanding of myself.

Planetary MythsThe key, I discovered was Chiron, the wounded healer. With Lisa's coaching and additional reading of her previous astrology book "Understanding The Planetary Myths" I came to learn more about the psychology and deeper meaning; that Chiron reminds us that only through recognising and accepting our inner wounds can we find true healing. It was one of those Eureka moments. Maybe it was coincidence that Lisa had just been asked to write Teach Yourself Astrology while all this self-discovery was going on and she was just as fascinated with my chart as I was at that moment in time. Of course I leapt at the chance of Lisa delving even deeper into my cosmic closet for the book. The experience has left me a lot more confident about my potential in the film industry. I kind of always knew I was destined, but it's fantastic to find my potential and motivations in my chart, and how I can make it work for me and what I need to watch out for. I'm even looking forward to meeting my future man, a prospect I had previously found totally bewildering! (You'll understand why if you read the book)

Lisa has created an amazing book and if you have any interest in exploring yourself using the wisdom of my friend and the ancient art of astrology I highly recommend it (not that I'm bias or anything ;o) It's innovative presentation of astrology and its format allows you to understand, in a more practical way, your psychological make-up, how to make the most of your untapped potential and how to overcome your personal hang ups and demons.

Knowing me knowing you... ahhaaaaaaa...

Okay... okay... I'm just a little excited!! So excited that I had to share this glorious news, now it's become official. There is an official MySpace Page for the book and if you're very lucky the author Lisa Tenzin-Dolma will stop by and say hello. The book could be released anytime from September-November, but is currently available for pre ordering on Amazon. I'm sure I'll give you all a reminder when it's out! =)

If you are on MySpace like me, the meantime please add Teach Yourself Astrology to your friends list:

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Thank you my dear friends!

Happy Creating!

Love, Jen xx